Jindy Mann

Welcome to Kinship

A community for men living more openly, boldly and freely. There are 4 billion ways to be a man.

About Me

I'm a leadership coach, consultant and facilitator with a journey that has straddled corporates, startups, coaching, spiritual practice, and psychology. 
I'm a father, husband, brother, son and friend, roles I value very highly.
My life and work is mostly driven by one question: what's really going on? As I explore and live this question myself, I enable others to do the same. 
I'm on a mission to create spaces and communities where men have the conversations that really matter and live more authentic, honest and fulfilled lives.

What is Kinship?

Kinship is a global community of men coming together to explore new ideas and perspectives on what it means to be a man.
We share stimulating, curated content & resources that draw on old and new wisdom for the biggest questions and challenges we are holding in our lives, themes like work, money, relationships, love, grief and purpose.
There are secure community social channels for ongoing chat, connection and sharing among members.
The community is run on contributions - pay-what-you-can or free.